Today hardly one sector of industry is getting along without the use of cleanrooms. Cleanrooms protect products and processes from different environmental influences. They create a defined surrounding area where “clean” conditions –regarding airborne particles, hygiene (KBE), temperature, air humidity- can be maintained. Even smallest parts can be produced sterile and safe.
With the investment in cleanrooms companies increase the quality of their products and enable an enlargement of their product range which leads to a competative adventage .


Essential realisation criteria

Before the realisation of the cleanroom can be started, it is important for us as well as it is for you to make up your mind about the essential realisation criteria:

  • definition of the areas  (f.e. cleanroom-, and lock areas)
  • surface of the particular areas (measurements)
  • machines and equipment within the cleanroom
  • number of persons in the cleanroom and their working times
  • material- and product output (amount)
  • zone concept regarding the products and working processes
  • consideration of the room air conditions (particle- and / or germ-carriers, temperature, air humidity etc.) and their limits.


Alpha Ionstatex GmbH offers you customised over-all solutions for your company. We perform services of the most divers type on the field of cleanroom technology – starting with the development and realisation up to the qualification and maintenance. Furthermore we offer any kind of service regarding cleanrooms, their corresponding facilities as well as the trade with the required commodities.


We work result-oriented  in close cooperation with our customers on the fulfillment of their individual requirements. Our company is permanently looking for new solutions that can be realised cost-efficiently with smart strategies. We attache maximum importance to investigation-, maintenance- and operation costs.


Cleanroom systems for maximum requirements need knowhow.

Alpha Ionstatex GmbH consists of a small team of specialistst that can by now look back on more than 30 years of international experience in the field of plant construction and major projects. This fact enables us to guarantee professional competence, innovative and creative solutions and the best possible solution for your requirements.
We offer you our quality – and create confidence by reliability.


We offer services in the following fields:

  • plant engineering
  • product lines/ production
  • maintenance
  • engineering




You find us here

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We are looking forward to accompanying you
on your way – Here’s to a successful cooperation!

Sabine Neuschäfer, Peter Uhl & Team

General Terms and Conditions

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